Top Facts About Nova Scotia

About Nova Scotia

Scenic routes, coastal areas, and other beautiful locations cover Nova Scotia, making it a place to visit. Experiencing the same and going ahead to understand it will eventually help you make the most of it. But since travel restrictions are still around the corner, it is best that you learn about the place and be prepared to travel soon. So to keep things going, we have a few facts that you need to know about.

Cabot Trail and Scenic Drives

As mentioned earlier, Nova Scotia is a place for scenic beauty, and Cabot Trail stands to justify the same. As an essential trail, it is ranked as one of the best in the world and is the common scenic drive that one wants to experience. Covered with around 26 breath-taking hiking trails, the Cabot Trail is a 298 km highway moving through Cape Breton Highlands National Park. The people who have experienced the same have nothing but good things to talk about it.

The World’s Highest Tides

The Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia is home to the world’s highest tides, and that opens the door for an adventure like never before. With 160 billion tonnes of seawater flowing in and out of the Bay of Fundy, the adventure that awaits you is something that needs to be experienced. Since you cannot get it in any other part of the world, you need to come forward and experience things in the right manner.

A Place Close to the Ocean

If you have always wanted to spend some quality time at a place that is close to the ocean, then Nova Scotia is the right one for you. Coming into the scene with 13,000 km of coastline, Nova Scotia is the perfect destination for all your needs and requirements. The different kinds of activities that you get to witness at this spot are remarkable, and one will help you keep things memorable.

About Nova Scotia

The Capital

When the British followed and obtained control of this region, they went ahead to establish Halifax as the new capital in 1749. As time passed by, Halifax developed and is widely known as the heart of Halifax. The urban streets, vibrant colors, and other ingredients that come with the place are essentials that always keep things going. Thanks to that, the capital is a place that takes Nova Scotia forward.


Exploring these facts will help you get a better idea of Nova Scotia and what it feels like to live in this part of the world. While we all await for things to become normal, it is crucial that we keep exploring and learning through all means possible. Hence, those were the top facts about Nova Scotia.

Top Facts About Nova Scotia

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